Hair Transplant Without Shaving

The pressure of life increases day by day, and the life of staying up is becoming more and more. Many people have hair loss. If your condition is serious, many doctors recommend choosing hair transplant treatment and many of them are preferring hair transplant without shave. If you have a good effect, you must know what hair transplant treatment is best for you. If you don’t know about all treatments we will guide you about all treatments and processes, we will let you know what will be the best hair treatment for you.


What is a hair transplant without shaving?

Without shaving a FUE technology, no one will know that you had a hair transplant, but your hair will quietly grow thicker and more. In the non-scarring hair transplant technique, only the hair of the single follicular unit to be transplanted is trimmed, and the rest of the hair is kept at its original length and style. The plucked hair follicles are hidden in the rest of the long hair, allowing for a completely normal and natural appearance after transplantation. A hair transplant without shaving can make the procedure and result less visible which is ideal for hair lovers who want to get back to their daily routine quickly and hide the mark of the procedure.


UK hair transplant is a national leader in hair surgery for all types of alopecia. It has the indicated techniques to adapt to the situation of each patient and also has the exclusive Non-Shave Premiere Executive. It consists of only partially shaving the donor area that will later be covered by the patient’s hair.

With an intervention time of approximately 4 hours, without hospitalization and with local anesthesia, the process will be over. Only 24 hours later you will be recovered and in three months you will see the results with the new natural hair in that area where you were losing it.


Benefits of  Hair Transplant Without shaving

Hair transplant without shaving is a technique that is highly sought after due to all the benefits it provides since we don’t have to cut our hair. But beyond that, what are the other benefits of choosing hair transplant without shaving with FUE technology?


Helps hair re-thicken

With FUE (Follicular unit extraction) those areas of the scalp that have been reduced in density will re-densify. This is because it saves us from having to shave, but we can maintain the length without any problem.

In this way, the density in the hair is restored, maintaining the native we already have without worry.


Neglected hair transplant


Hair transplants without shave are a more overlooked technique because you don’t have to shave all your hair to do it. In this way, the length of the hair is preserved without fear of losing it while performing this intervention.


The Weakest-Haired Ally


By using an “implanter”, the most fragile hair can be preserved. The appliance is less invasive and introduces follicular units where they are needed without damaging native hair, even if it is weaker.

In this way, greater re-densification of the area is possible without damaging the hair we already have.


No Scars are Visible


Some patients are very curious about scars after hair transplant, no single scar will be visible after transplanting your hair without shaving & this is one of the main advantages. We can already pick hair grafts or follicles utilizing needles or micro-punch equipment because of technological advances. This will lessen any difficulty or irritation that may arise following therapy.


Natural Look Hair Transplant


The least amount of downtime with the most natural-looking outcomes is another advantage of Unshaven hair transplant. Eliminating the weight of regrowth is made easier by plucking the long hair strands. Your hair will grow back naturally and match your prior hairstyles because your hair is being used to fill in the thinning places.


What are the advantages of hair transplant without shaving?


  • A common treatment that produces undetectable results is a completely no-shave hair transplant.
  • The hair you already have covered the scabs and little scars at both the donor and recipient sites.
  • Just an increase in hair density is what you may see following the operation.


What are the disadvantages of hair transplant without shaving?


  • Only a small number of hair transplants can be implanted.


  • You might need to undergo two hair transplant treatments if you require more than 1500 transplants.


  • Additionally, administering medicine is more difficult.


  • In comparison to standard hair transplant procedures, the total hair transplant technique is more complex, takes longer, and is more expensive.