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UK Hair Transplants (UKHT) is a leading Burton on Trent clinic that treats patients with hair loss and male pattern baldness with FUE hair transplant.

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At our Burton on Trent based clinic, we offer a range of effective hair transplant treatments to help our clients achieve their desired results. Here are some of the treatments we offer:

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Our doctors are highly qualified from the top medical schools, working selflessly for the hospitals across the UK at the NHS ( National Health Service), practiced GP (general practice) and have made a great career as plastic surgeons with keen interest in hair transplantation. Our Burton on Trent based doctors have been working for us as hair transplant surgeons with years of aesthetic experience. Another senior doctor, Dr Claudia has been in the medical field for over 10 years, and has successfully treated thousand of patients from all over the world She is recognised as a specialist doctor in advanced aesthetic medicine because of her strong knowledge and experience, she provides best quality services to the patients along with our doctors at our clinics. She has worked in South America, Europe & the U.K. Dr. Claudia holds multiple qualifications in medicine, aesthetic medicine, ageing, as well as facial and body enhancement.

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UK Hair Transplants (UKHT) is a leading clinic in Burton on Trent that treats patients with hair loss and male pattern baldness with FUE hair transplant.
Our top surgeons use cutting-edge technology at our state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best results for both male and female hair loss.
UKHT takes a holistic approach to providing you with the most effective treatment for your hair loss or thinning hair. As a result, our recommendations are the best and most appropriate for our patients.

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At our clinic, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and results to our clients. But don’t just take our word for it – here are some reviews from our satisfied patients:

Noor M
Noor M
Had a hair transplant 1 year ago and I can honestly can it has changed my life. My confidence is through the roof and it was money well spent! Thank you to Aly & Dr Husnain! Would recommend to anyone who is considering getting it done! Very competitive price for the UK. Was thinking of going to Turkey but I rather stay here if I can get it at the price they gave me & the aftercare! Thank you
Victor Young
Victor Young
From the moment I had my consultation with Shazia, I knew I was in good hands. I had long been concerned with my receeding hairline and had started speaking to a family member Essain Yousaf, who recently had his hair transplant treatment with UK Hair Transplants and was I amazed of his results, so on the day of my operation, Dr Claudia, who put me at ease after all my questions regarding the process were answered, and my input into what I wanted to achieve was taken into consideration. The surgery itself couldn't have gone smoother, with both Dr Claudia and her consultants working. I felt in great hands and was taken care of all day, always making sure I was comfortable. The after care check-ins and follow-up appointments all matched this level of care and expertise. For anyone looking for hair transplant surgery, I couldn't recommend UK hair transplants more! I found the whole experience of having a hair transplant in the Treatment Room to be comfortable and straightforward. Communication was excellent, everything was explained clearly (from the first consultation through to the post-op review), and the day of the operation was meticulously organised with great attention to detail. I felt in very good hands and would not hesitate to recommend the team wholeheartedly.."
Craig Powell
Craig Powell
Amazing service very pleased
Owen Duffil
Owen Duffil
It's been 6months since had it done. An all I can say is wow. Its amazing how its grown. No problems what so ever. No pain. Nothing. If your thinking about getting it done. Do it u wont be disappointed...
Liam H
Liam H
Great team Shazia has been amazing and so helpful with any questions I’ve asked an shout out to the surgeons who done my hair 6 months in I was reseeding I now have a comb over 👌🏻💯💯👊🏻🥳
Frankie Corrado
Frankie Corrado
Had my operation last Dec and cannot fault the team, before, during and after, took one day off work!! No need to go to Turkey!!
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts
Happy with results so far surgeons and technicians top quality
Oskar Achu
Oskar Achu
Shazia explained everything I need to know from start to finish. She gave me lots of good advice during my consultations. The process was really straight forward. Two months and 2 days post surgery today and the result is significant. Can’t thank UK hair transplant well enough, I’m feeling myself now 🤣🤣🤣 I wish I can share my pics on here however if you ever in a doubt please message privately then I can share pics with you.✌🏿
hajra khan
hajra khan
Very friendly and helpful team. Bless Shazia and Dr Lizzeth for keeping an eye on my hair transplant. Keep up the great work
Mo Mughal
Mo Mughal
Lovely friendly staff and shout out to Aly who was very accommodating and pointed out what exactly needed to be done!


If you have any additional questions or concerns about hair transplant surgery, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

No, not always. Any surgical operation involves some level of pain, even if it is only the prick you feel when the anesthesia is injected. The majority of procedures are painless and many patients feel no pain during or after the surgery.

A doctor’s talent makes hair transplants appear natural. If the quality of work is high then transplanted hair could not even be noticed.

According to clinical trials, 85–95 percent of all implanted grafts successfully develop in their new location. This large number suggests that hair transplants are often quite effective. Some patients worry that a characteristic of rejection known as a graft would occur, much like with other transplants.

Since every patient is different, your best hair transplant procedure will be decided at your initial appointment and thoroughly discussed with you.
We will always go through all of your alternatives with you and provide our professional opinion. A combination procedure could be appropriate in some more severe hair loss patients.

The transplanted hair will s very thinly the skin, first, between two and four months after surgery.
This will take place at various rates and periods, leading to a sporadic beginning. You can anticipate a complete regeneration of your transplanted hair after 12 months.

Treatment options for hair loss include hair transplants. Because you cannot reverse the effects of a hair transplant, they are regarded as permanent. That doesn’t necessarily indicate that your hair transplant will continue to appear the same way when it heals for the rest of your life.

Throughout the transplanting procedure, the most important factor in identifying age is whether or not hair loss has stopped. Beyond the age of 35, the shedding rate slows down. Male pattern hair loss is a lifelong problem. It should be kept in mind that shedding may persist when the supplement is made in children under these years, suggesting a second or third session for the patient.

Even though hair loss is a continuous process, there is very little chance that it will return since the transplanted hair is taken from the part of your body that is most resistant to hair loss.

Summertime is not advised. Due to the two-month ban on swimming in seas and pools after hair transplantation.

No, it is not necessary. If you look at our Preparation for Surgery page we also offer hair transplants without a shave.

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