PRP Injections After Hair Transplant

Hair loss can be treated with a hair transplant technique, which involves using scalp skin or hair follicles removed from the back of your head to fill in bald places. Even if it provides long-lasting results, this course of treatment still doesn’t deal with the underlying cause of your hair loss; only a hair transplant achieves this. As a result, more PRP treatments are strongly advised.

So when can you have injections of platelet-rich plasma? The timing of your PRP injections depends on how well or poorly your recipient area has healed. While some doctors advised waiting three to four months or three weeks before starting treatment, others advised starting it 10 days after the procedure. But it has been demonstrated that injections will improve the outcomes of your surgery because they hasten recovery, improve the vitality of the hair follicles, and promote hair growth.

Can I receive PRP treatment for hair growth after a hair transplant?
Because the transplanted hairs must first become established in your scalp in order to generate new hair, hair transplant surgery does not produce immediate results. As a result, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) will be beneficial for both your scalp’s donor follicles and existing hair follicles.

The timing of your PRP treatment for hair loss following hair transplant surgery will be essential to the outcome of your case. While some experts advise waiting as long as three to four months following treatment, we strongly advise beginning the PRP injections treatment right away or as soon as 10 days after the hair restoration operation.
Following surgery, our experts advise using one PRP therapy and then another one within two to three months.

How will PRP improve your surgery?
Platelet-rich plasma PRP is a successful treatment for hair loss on its own because it gives your hair follicles an extra burst of nutrients that speed up the healing process after surgery. The stimulus provided by the growth factors on hair follicle stem cells reactivates hair regeneration.

The platelet concentrations in the PRP injections, which are composed of blood cells essential for tissue regeneration and wound healing, stimulate collagen formation and cell proliferation. In order for the hair follicles to have a better blood supply and acquire more nutrients and oxygen from the body, it also widens the blood vessels surrounding them.

These platelet derived growth factors will maintain and improve the vitality of hair follicles, speed up recovery, and stimulate maximal hair
growth if used in conjunction with your hair transplant operation.

For the greatest hair transplant surgery results, we at UK Hair Transplants Clinic strongly advise all of our patients to opt for the PRP treatment following the procedure.