Women Hair Transplants


Female hair loss can have a dismaying or even devastating influence on a woman’s quality of life, not least because hair loss is, often wrongly considered, a less significant psychological and emotional problem for women than it is for men. Too often, a woman’s hair loss is not taken seriously by family or friends or even by a woman’s personal physician.

While hair loss itself can present psychological and emotional problems for a woman, failure of others to recognise the seriousness of these problems, may contribute to psychological and emotional effects that can range from decreased self-esteem to anxiety and depression.

Female hair loss may also be overlooked as a “normal” phenomenon. Gradual hair loss is often associated with ageing. Temporary hair loss is often associated with pregnancy. Very often, women have pattern hair loss that “runs in the family”.

Hair loss in a woman should never be considered “normal”; however, the cause should be pursued until a diagnosis is established. Of the many causes of hair loss in women, only a few such as ageing, hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and hereditary pattern hair loss may be considered “normal”. Treatment is available for hair loss due to these conditions, and treatment should be considered when hair loss influences the woman’s quality of life.

For some women, hair loss can start as early as their 20s. After the age of 30, as many as 1 in 3 women may notice their hair thinning.

The average person sheds between 50-100 hairs a day – this is completely normal.

However, women who consistently experience loss or shedding of 150 or more hairs a day may want to seek guidance from a professional as this could be a sign of female pattern hair loss.

Female pattern hair loss is a genetic hereditary condition which can be inherited from either the mother or father’s side. If members of your family have previously suffered this, this may be another sign to consider some form of treatment. Speaking to your relatives can give you some guidance on what age the problem could become apparent.

No. Female hair loss doesn’t follow the same path as male hair loss.

Women’s hair loss happens due to the miniaturisation of the hair (a smaller diameter of the hair strand). It usually begins around the crown and sufferers may notice a widening of the part. Unlike with men’s hair loss, women will not suffer complete baldness or see a retreat across their hairline.

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