Why choose UK Hair Transplants?

Why choose a hair restoration procedure at UK Hair Transplants?

Hair transplant surgery is the most useful treatment for hair loss. Even though it can be costly, the investment is worth it when the patients acquire the most profitable result that enriches their personality. Hair transplants aim to rejuvenate hair growth on the scalp with limited hair or less hair growth. Hair transplant is an effective treatment for many types of hair loss, but it cannot prevent forthcoming hair loss. For long-lasting results, people may require follow-up transplants.

Why Hair loss occurs:

Hair loss and thinning of hair are common parts of aging, but they can also occur due to some medical problems. Some people who undergo hair fall may prefer to have a hair transplant for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. Everyone hates losing hair as that not only affects their impression but also hinders their self-confidence. But experiencing a hair transplant approach can assist them to get rid of this problem. Not every clinic gives a perfect result. Your hair is a precious part of your body contributing to your overall appearance. You have to think wisely before choosing the best clinic for the treatment. UK Hair transplants Clinic in Walsall and Birmingham is well known for being the best hair treatment in the UK.


The main and most common hair restoration procedure is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the outdated procedure is Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT).

FUE hair transplants

FUE hair transplants restore hair by replacing old follicles with new follicles. After the transplant, the blood vessels will nourish the replaced follicles will be nourished by blood vessels and give growth in the bald or less haired area.

Reason to choose FUE treatment:

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most preferred and leading hair restoration procedures in the market because:

1: A minimally invasive procedure

An FUE hair transplant surgery involves extracting individual hair grafts or follicular units. These hair follicles are carefully implanted into the balding area. The procedure involves no stitches and no incisions just little spots of hair extraction that will diminish over time.

2: Faster recovery time

FUE is the least invasive surgical hair restoration procedure there is nothing to be scared of it because the procedure uses all the latest technologies that have made the hair restoration procedure even more pain-free. The FUE hair transplant surgery possesses minimum recovery time.

3: Natural appearing hairline

The hair restoration procedure provides the most natural impression. But With the FUE hair plantation procedure, you will be able to restore your receding hairline so that you get a naturalistic appearance.

4: One-time investment

An FUE hair transplant procedure is considered to be one of the most effective hairs restoration techniques. The results acquired from a hair restoration approach may not be instant, but the outcomes are endless and long lasting.

FUT hair transplant:

In FUT surgery, a surgeon extracts individual hair follicles by cutting a strip of skin from the back or side of your head. These follicles are then added to the balding parts of your scalp. The surgery works best at covering a receding hairline rendered by male pattern baldness. This is however outdated and not very common in the United Kingdom.

The following conditions also make you a good candidate trusted source for Follicular Unit Extraction FUE treatment.

1: Age:

FUE is performed on individuals over the year of 25. Hair loss patterns are less predictable in younger people than older people.

2: Diagnosis. Men with the Norwood pattern of hair failure tend to respond most suitable to hair transplantation.

3: Hair thickness. People with denser hair follicles generally acquire better coverage.

4: Area of balding. FUE is most effective for treating hair loss at the front of the head.

Why Choose UK Hair Transplants?

Best team: The UK Hair Transplant is one of the best and leading hair restoration clinics in the West Midlands and the UK that consists of highly trained doctors, staff, and assistants who are motivated in providing the best treatment procedures. The medical equipment and facilities available in this hair clinic ensure absolute safeness when performing a surgical procedure.

Quality assurance: The UK Hair Transplant believes in quality over quantity. The hair clinic designates the finest doctors and staff to be a part of the surgical team. So there is no doubt that the clinic will constantly provide the best potential hair restoration procedure.

Best results: Our patients at UK Hair Transplants have confirmed the best results after 6 and 12 months reviews. The Before/After photos are evidence of our quality care using cutting edge technology.

Natural appearance: The best hair transplant treatment is the one that provides natural outcomes at the most budget-friendly rate. The specialists of the clinic assist the patients to restore a natural hairline, which is the desirable factor of experiencing a hair transplant procedure.

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